Frequently Asked Questions

Coffins & Caskets FAQs

The main difference between a coffin and casket is in the design. Funeral coffins are tapered at the head and foot, wide at the shoulders, and often have six sides.

But how do caskets differ? Funeral caskets are rectangular in shape with four sides and they are often constructed of better quality materials with a hinged lid.

Eco coffins are made from sustainable materials and are typically used for woodland burials and eco-funerals. We take the responsibility of managing global resources seriously and endeavour to source products ethically and with consideration to the environment.

We offer eco coffins as well as biodegradable coffins, containers and scatter tubes so that you can choose the right biodegradable option when planning a funeral for your loved one.

When it comes to choosing a coffin or casket, it’s important to get the size right. It’s helpful if you know the approximate height and weight of your loved one so our funeral professionals are able to advise you on the size of coffin that will be required.

Coffins and caskets are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal and cardboard. The material you choose may depend on the type of service you are arranging.

For example, if you choose a cremation then the coffin cannot be made of metal. Should you choose to organise a woodland burial or an eco-friendly funeral, you may wish to choose an environmentally-friendly alternative, such as a wicker or cardboard coffin.

Ashes Into Glass FAQs

When ordering Urns & Ashes items, simply add the item to your selections and complete your order.

Your funeral director will be notified when your order is placed and they will arrange for your loved one’s ashes to be placed in your chosen item. They will then notify you when it is ready for collection.

Your funeral director will then contact you to discuss any special requirements that you might have such as engraving text.

They will also liaise with Ashes into Glass and provide them with a spoonful of  your loved one’s ashes to ensure that you receive an absolutely stunning keepsake to your personal specifications for you to treasure forever.

For ring orders, your funeral director will provide you with a finger sizing gauge to ensure that your treasured keepsake will fit when it arrives.