A classic and traditional funeral tribute, available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. A wreath can be used as a tribute alongside another design.

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Calla Lily Wreath

A white Calla Lily wreath. A simply stunning white Gypsophila wreath featuring white Calla Lilies.

Classic White Wreath

A classic white Chrysanthemum based wreath with a pink Rose and Genista spray.

Orange & Purple Wreath

Express your sympathy with this beautiful funeral wreath in orange and purple colours. It will typically contain flowers like germini,

Pastel Wreath

A pretty pastel wreath. Pink and cream Roses, pink Hydrangea and Hypericum are mixed with purple Lisianthus and white Eryngium.

Pastel Wreath with Candle

A church candle pastel wreath. A triple wick church candle encompassed by a pretty pastel wreath. Pink and cream Roses,

Peach & Pink Wreath

Wreath made from pink and peach roses, pink carnations, dill, hydrangea.

Pink Calla Lily Wreath

Wreath based in foliage with clusters of roses and looped calla

Pink Wreath

A pretty pink wreath featuring Roses, Germini and Carnations with lilac Lisianthus and mix of luscious green foliage.

Planted Wreath

This planted wreath is a made up with a pink Rose and Heather. All naturally beautiful, pink Rose and Heather

Purple & White Wreath

Open round wreath with natural foliage edge including Iris, Roses, Chrysanthemums and complementary foliage.

Red Wreath

A bright red wreath featuring Roses, Gerbera and Carnations with a mix of luscious green foliage.

Vibrant Wreath

A gloriously vibrant wreath. Cerise and orange Roses and Carnations with orange Germini, purple Anconitum and green spray Chyrsanthemums on