Flowers Designed to Last Forever

Our unique natural enhancement process allows us to create roses which retain all of their natural beauty for an extended lifespan. The displays are then also infused with our signature fragrance which captures the rich and alluring scent of roses in full bloom.

Our stunning luxury products make treasured keepsakes which are available in a choice of colours and styles to suit every individual.

A rose is a timeless symbol of love and friendship and by choosing Forever Roses you can remember your loved one for a lifetime. You can also choose to keep the ashes of your beloved within each arrangement.

Scatter tubes provide an easy way for family members and close friends to scatter the ashes of a loved one after a cremation ceremony at a place of their choosing. Made to ensure the ease of scattering, our scatter tubes are available in a range of designs & sizes and are made from recycled materials, so they are eco-friendly and can be both buried and recycled if you wish.

When ordering Urns & Ashes items, simply add the item to your selections and complete your order. The funeral director will be notified when your order is placed and they will arrange for your loved one's ashes to be placed in your chosen item. They will then notify you when it is ready for collection.

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Adore Tranquility

A completely 360-degree immersive experience that allows the memory of your loved one to be admired and revered from any

Glint Honour

Soften your grief with a single rose flourishing from the soft carpet moss that has the ability to hold the

Honourable Intricacy

Because someone you love is in heaven, bring a piece of heaven into your home. Capture the essence of your

Ore Honour

Express the meaningfulness of your deceased one, remember being together and forget the rest. Capture your memories within our Serene

Serene Palace

The Serene Palace’s wooden frames surrounding the curving stem are reminiscent of traditional hanging lanterns, while the real light is

Belle Serenity

A soft cloche of glass provides the perfect sophisticated frame in which sits a velvety bed of moss that can

Exclusive Serenity

When you are sorrowful and down, cast your gaze upon the Exclusive Serenity and you shall be reminded that in

Geo Honour

With a pristine golden frame creating an interesting geometric shape, this sweet and touching arrangement is a modern tribute to