These wonderfully handcrafted biodegradable urns are 100% eco-friendly, made from fully sustainable paper and finished to a natural, high standard. The urn will gracefully float for a period of time before slowly sinking to the bottom of the water and naturally breaking down over time.

This design contains no items that are harmful to the environment, to ensure a safe goodbye to your loved one.

When ordering Urns & Ashes or fingerprint items, simply add the item to your selections and complete your order. The funeral director will be notified when your order is placed and they will arrange for your loved one's ashes to be placed in your chosen item, or fingerprints to be sent to the manufacturer for production. They will then notify you when it is ready for collection.

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Sea Bio Urn

All Bio urns are handmade from natural organic materials, so they are totally biodegradable. The manufacturer uses only natural vegetable